Video of My Speech at Calder Bookshop Theatre


A huge thank you to everyone who could make it to the signing yesterday at Calder bookshop theatre. It was lovely to sign copies and chat to you all and what a fabulous space in the Theatre for my little talk, too. Well and truly under the spotlight!

Here is a link to my speech.

The book is now available at lucky indie bookshops, amazon, the book depository and Womancraft Publishing.

Do ask your library and local bookshop to stock it. If you’re enjoying the book then spread the word and get the purplestockings movement moving! Looking forward to speaking and signing copies at the Mothers at Home Matter conference on 17 November in London. Then? Rest!


My Book Baby No Longer Belongs To Me. It Belongs to You.


I’m now at that point – unfamiliar territory for me as a debut author – where my book baby is out in the world and being read, talked about, critiqued, enjoyed and shared. Yes, I know, probably criticised, too. Even the best books have their worst critics. And I know where mine are to be found – they were part of the driving force behind the book, to be fair! But the launch experience over the past month or so has also brought home to me that there are so many of us who are in agreement and many who are relieved to be reading something which speaks to and for them.

Which means I’ve also confronted something I never anticipated: the good wishes and encouragement from supporters and admirers who don’t know me but who are responding from the heart to my words.

So thank you to the many of you who have taken the time to tell me directly that the book has made you cry, made you laugh, brought a fresh realisation about something painful or emotional, made you angry, made you happy or made you determined to share the message.

I’m excited and starting to feel relieved and a little lighter. Because the book no longer belongs to me. It belongs to you.

If you have enjoyed it, felt a connection or transformed your thinking in any way, please do share your views. Tell others. This is a book which – from a debut author and an indie press – is reliant on a circle of readers sending ripples out into the world. From grassroots it will grow.

Please also do review the book online – it helps encourage people to read it. Get talking in person and online. Proclaim yourself a Purplestocking! I’m amazed to hear of sisters connecting with the book outside of the UK: in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, the US and beyond – we are a global movement. And I’m privileged and humbled to be part of it. Thank you.

“… when jobs are being lost to automation; when wealth is accumulating in the 1%; when the workplace increasingly encroaches on family life; and when women remain at higher risk of poverty because they have cared for their families, feminism has to start to ask itself: are we ever going to find creative ways to protect, support and empower women beyond simply pushing for paid employment? We must start to recover some of the intellectual and creative verve of the original women’s movement: we have to return to discussing redistribution of wealth and the fair organisation of labour. We don’t need to agonise over labels of socialism, conservatism, radicalism or whatever. We just need to put humanity at the centre. Because the fact is that many mothers remain trapped by the market either as workers or as unwaged carers, and are marginalised by reason of being mothers. We have to get political. We need to find ways to value care, to support carers, and put money into the pockets of those who sustain and nourish the human race. At heart, we need to support the right of mothers to frame their lives in the way that is right for them: we need to liberate ourselves from conditions which get in the way of this most fundamental of women’s rights. Mothers, our time has arrived”

#MothersOfTheWorldUnite #Purplestockings #LiberatingMotherhood


Liberating Motherhood, Birthing the Purplestockings Movement, is out now. Get your signed copy at Calder Bookshop Theatre this Saturday evening between 6pm and 9pm, or from amazon, book depository, Womancraft Publishing, and some lucky indie bookshops. Please do ask your local library and bookshops to stock the book, too. 

22nd October London Book Signing

Acer Image
Acer Image

I am overjoyed to be signing Liberating Motherhood, Birthing the Purplestockings Movement, at Calder Bookshop Theatre in Waterloo.

I will be there from 6 til 9 pm. Do join me for a hello, a chat, to buy your signed copy, and a reading – around 7 – in their little theatre.

#Purplestockings #MothersOfTheWorldUnite!

Planes, Trains and Hostility to Children


Recent news about child-free sections on flights led to an interesting article from one Julie Bindel recently about how, like, annoying children are and stuff.

I wrote to the Guardian. They printed my letter, here.  Granted, they edited the letter to remove observations about hatred, women and cats. And how mothers are being thrown under a (child-free) bus, but the point is made, nevertheless.


Liberating Motherhood, Birthing the Purplestockings Movement, is out now.

From amazon, Book Depository, Womancraft and some lucky indie publishers.

If you are enjoying the book, please feel free to review it online, eg amazon. And share the word! Do also ask your library and local bookshop to stock it!

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For My Nan, My Father’s Mother


Today would have been my beloved Nan’s 100th birthday.

I miss her. I’m thinking of my Dad and his brother and sisters and how they are missing their mother. This day, especially.

My siblings and I spent much of our childhood with her – before and after school, at the weekend, during holidays. She was caring, loving and warm but tough. Little but fierce. The original spitfire. I still remember her hands. Her voice. Her laugh. Her smell.

I wrote a little about her in Liberating Motherhood. Every time I return to that section, I cry.

So, really, although I write about mothers – ourselves, our own – I just want to honour my grandmother, the matriarch, with a short note. With a thanks and a moment. She was my father’s mother. She was loved.

As I say to my children, those we love will always be with us if they are in our hearts.

Love you Nan.


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