A Review – I’m the Purplestockings Strangler

going on a trip

I love this review in the Irish Examiner – I have an image of me as a baby-faced Sevenoaks Strangler…

“The solution for women is to formally recognise, once and for all, that mothers working in their homes are among the most vital workers in any economy.

The vast majority of mothers would choose to take time out or go part-time in their children’s early years if they could. At some point official feminism must ask itself why it finds this desire so dangerous and discountable.”

So excited to be launching the book officially on Friday.


Liberating Motherhood, Birthing the Purplestockings Movement Due Date 23 Septemer 2016.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/11165881@N02/1058973076/in/photolist-4UqnQh-A1YbjW-9A6M7w-83F3QH-2BzvNu-nFYL3C-htHdFe-rb8zMB-FjGfKw-wmF22H-9EqA5N-LoY6sZ-KySrkN-GTT41r-a8zKW-BinboA-jm8MZd-kTKjtd-ds7FTU-8T5YR8-kTJkke-hS5axX-jXatGp-8T958s-8T956w-i9kTvM-6zRexJ-2VhNAY-HZQXX6-rGL9Fv-qN2Snv-9CH59S-8Ei7op-r7q7KL-8T5YQz-8T955q-kTKhWA-rqc21y-53C8mc-8T9579-8T957S-8T9565-8htPtU-6o3gAU-2fWedo-h5Hcyn-kTJmKP-91DFsf-8vjs2E-orDrgj



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