7Oaks Children’s Party Launch of Liberating Motherhood @raffertys_cafe


From the moment I thought of doing a launch for the book I knew that I wanted to provide a space for mothers or carers whose commitments meant that an evening event would be out of reach. I’ve been there…!

Most importantly, I wanted to provide a fun event for children to enjoy – with face painting, pass the parcel and toys.

So – you are invited to a children’s party* downstairs at Rafferty’s on 10 October, 9.30 til 11.30. I would be over the moon to see you and any little ones who might enjoy a fun Monday morning.

You will be able to get your signed copy of the book (RRP 14.99) while the children play with toys, have their face painted, play pass the parcel and watch a short entertaining film of music and dancing. Spread the word!

Children will also get a small goodie bag and a purple balloon to take home and enjoy.

There will be a surprise treat in the goodybag courtesy of my mum *Indie authors have no budget*

Tickets are £15 on the day.

*Child not obligatory


Liberating Motherhood, Birthing the Purplestockings Movement



Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bearpark/5799969405/in/photolist-9QwmQv-6DCxEj-jQ64wS-7osuXm-9bEmwK-6Ajrxj-5dCktx-9iqZcS-8MDQUm-8djfVX-4uJgZj-4apWzz-ausR3L-9hyZtW-2arcVr-6Y9Kid-86xqvT-auq9QM-diUjSC-iVWfYt-5dnCZY-72CqHS-8RxnQ5-6QyuPL-84t8tV-yx35KQ-9ovH4f-tbyJ2o-6Y5Hua-shhqk-rNdX7-9nY5jw-2Q5jew-oQQdcX-81ZXF1-ausQJ3-diPpBP-a5LdRr-eZnjCY-ad3Ud7-CdpTo-aEN77F-4W4pnL-fuukq7-jicut9-PgvJW-8i7mpG-6oTwjD-ps9Tq-5p7H1h


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