7Oaks Evening Launch of Liberating Motherhood Now at Home…



The book has arrived!

So births are sometimes not straightforward. We can have our plan – and then the waters go.

Well, this morning, the waters broke on my evening launch.

It is no longer at Otto’s. It will no longer be a ticketed event.

That’s right. It’s about time I had a house party in my home which did not involve musical bumps or pass the parcel. And my daughter was born here – makes sense that my book should be, too.

The book’s here. Come and give it a cuddle.

(PM for address).




Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/67228090@N00/5569597076/in/photolist-9uaDaN-sK4TR-x42C6L-GhywHX-2cdcg-8ESQMc-rfufHh-4w2ZV1-29of5-tK84Et-Ghqhnu-HcVbtF-5bqfH2-HcViaB-HcVg92-7avDyu-H4A1jW-B3SJJm-HcVeTM-5buxth-5bqgnp-HcVhmx-5buzpS-GhprSJ-8dJpt2-g6Vjz-99ZGT6-U5Fm-eYoMpD-6fvxCR-9oiL14-aEyznT-sMwot-7x6tqu-quPAfT-Ghpraw-2k3my-GCVAfw-7hAup7-4w2ZHS-satqcT-rSUN4C-5buALh-s4h2A6-GGcmpq-GbWvXa-8vA6QR-cvLxdo-oqRwwe-H9Zzsh


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