Calling Londonish Friends and Supporters – Fancy Coming to a Launch?


Friends and supporters in or around London show your hands! And please share this post to get your friends/family on board and along too!

I’m thinking of holding a book signing at a fab bookshop in Waterloo with wine and a little reading from the book. Looking at a Friday or Saturday evening in October.

You will be getting a signed copy of the book, some wine and some nibbles and the chance to basically rock the purplestockings look if you like – I will be! If you would like to show your hand by commenting or PM I can get a good idea of numbers! Who’s in?

If you live elsewhere in the country and would like an event – eg South Coast, North of Watford, etc, please do let me know and I will try my best to get there too!

I will be creating the London event once I get over the fear of being all alone in a basement in Southwark with just 10 bottles of wine to keep me company…! *Page Fright Strikes Again*

Sevenoaks friends, family and supporters, ‘save the date’ of the official launch date of 23 September for a daytime event for little ones and an evening event with wine….. and let me know if you will be there so I can make sure I have enough copies to go round! I’ll set up a separate event for 23 September x

LiberatingMotherhoodIcon (1)

Liberating Motherhood, Birthing the Purplestockings Movement, Due Date 23 September fromĀ


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