We Are a Beating Heart

beating heart

It has been wonderful to engage this week with so many mothers who have related to my pieces and images that have been shared. Thanks to the many who are sharing and discussing these issues in solidarity. Sisterhood is powerful but so is motherhood, after all.

Sometimes it feels like we are reaching a turning point.

Those of us who share a common ground – rooted in our love and care of our children, bolstered by a conviction that we should have a true choice about how to set up our family life – could truly come together and be heard:

“We are a beating heart. We are strong arms”.

#MothersOfTheWorldUnite #Purplestockings


Liberating Motherhood, Birthing the Purplestockings Movement, due date – 23 September 2016 from Womancraft Publishing. Available for pre-order now.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sfslim/9631979663/in/photolist-fF9pYT-egTdA8-7kFzGA-HivQNW-H2JbH5-BMV7kc-f9r4uv-f9qJcv-7B6cvN-9h33XC-H6TpcT-FKcbQj-ahmKrQ-f9DoqS-egYY73-AsGWiq-AJfFHi-f9Khkw-f9vcci-f9CjU5-7yi4eY-ARFD18-AsEA7s-GhywHX-Cie7t5-7ek3eY-uwCvRd-664YnY-ajsvYt-czKUB-eHeDLQ-K6kHjb-rsd4t5-aS8yCP-5SC5jt-5FfeRc-tnFHFu-arKQz6-fLeJCZ-5SCnNp-f9FZ3Y-f9Firu-vy5t1j-7j5B7D-f9JZUf-HivLPJ-f9ovk4-f9ChEW-K8nm1V-fJZnh4


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