Liberating Cover Art


We have a cover! It’s coming together. I’m terrified, overjoyed and excited all at once to introduce you to the cover and some words for Liberating Motherhood, Birthing the Purplestockings Movement, to be published by Womancraft in September 2016.

“Mater, Mama, Maman, Mutter, Mummy, Mommy, Mother. Me. You. Us.

If it is true that there have been waves within the women’s liberation movement, then mothers’ rights are the flotsam left behind on the ocean surface of patriarchy. We are currently experiencing a tsunami of ‘fourth-wave’ feminism yet, for mothers who want to care for their young children, little seems to have improved. Many mothers remain alienated from feminism, feeling that it still doesn’t speak for us or recognise our lived reality. We see, too, that politics and economics seem to have no place for maternal care. Well, with that in mind, we need to get onto dry land and make the women’s movement an earthquake to shake the foundations of our culture to its core. And to get there? I have often reflected that, as women, we can rock the boat but are not allowed to build a new one. Well, sisters, we really do need a better boat. The Mother Ship, to take us to the Motherland. Or something.

We have the right to stand up for ourselves and our families, and we deserve a society which takes on board our rights as mothers. Because the reality is that, in all, the right of women to care for our own children on our terms is diminishing, along with any recognition that care is valuable and necessary work. When it comes to maternal care, we are socially and financially penalised for nurturing our families, despite the fact that care is crucial for the benefit of the human race and society as a whole. Many of us are forced away from our babies and young children against our wishes – financial pressures leave us little choice but to find paid work to put food on the table and a roof over our heads. Our bonds of motherhood are being replaced with binds to the market and wage slavery. We are in bondage – and not in a 50 Shades way”.


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