Is birth a feminist issue?

Many sentiments I have expressed before . After the birth of my son I remember clear as day saying ‘Birth is a feminist issue’. It really is! It is something only a woman can do, and experience. It is one of the most unavoidably feminist issues. Great piece.

Your Positive VBAC

Birth is the ultimate female issue as birth fundamentally cannot be experienced by men. But why is it a feminist issue, and is this even applicable in our western medicalised society?

When you think of modern birth you think of how lucky we are to have such incredible medical resources at our disposal, saving the lives of mothers and babies every day. And you would be right to think we are lucky. I myself and many others that have had caesareans, assisted births and medication which make everyone safer, are indeed lucky and we are extra thankful in the UK where this is all free!!
However this is just one part of the story. When you start to look into development of medicalised birth throughout history you can begin to see a pattern forming. A pattern which shows a web of medical studies, statistics, hospital practises, doctor preference and you…

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