Forget Cry-it-Out. Meet the Rabbit Who Just Wants to Bore a Generation of Children to Sleep


You may or may not have heard about the recent phenomenon, a book of such majesty, wonder and hope, which promises to send your child peacefully to sleep.

Being of the mother variety with two young children, I have often wondered whether there exists a magic pill for sleep and rest, which goes beyond my breasts full of milk. Yes, yes, the 3 Day Nanny has an idea – get your child to cry themselves to sleep! The younger the better! Scream, little children, scream!

But I prefer not to go down NSPCC-style ‘Miles Doesn’t Cry, He Knows Nobody Will Come’ school of bedtime parenting. So, imagine the joy of parents everywhere when good old-fashioned boredom came to save the day. Yes. Writer-cum-NLP-cum-psychologiwotsit Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin has decided that it might be a tad more humane to encourage parents to simply bore their children to sleep, with the aid of Roger the Rabbit, a snail and an owl, and a benevolent Uncle Yawn.

I could say that I am interested in exploring the lengths parents will go in spending money, slavishly following ‘sleep experts’ encouraging crying as the only way to encourage healthy sleep habits, or investing in paraphernalia when a cuddle, a breast and a lullaby might well do. I might, if in the mood, comment that in a neoliberal society, sleep must either be bought or brought about in isolation and distress, rather than cuddles, love, time, connection and patience. Much preparation for adult life under Capitalism. But I won’t. It’s Friday. It’s been a long week.

So for now, I will just say ‘Sweet Night and Good Dreams’.


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