Secrecy of the Family Courts: A Letter to the Guardian

“The secrecy the Children Act imposes on family courts, the adoption drive, and the cuts to benefits and legal aid, have silenced mothers ..”

In a letter to the Guardian, a number of women’s organisations, including Global Women’s Strike and Single Mothers Self-Defence, write that “Mothering is so devalued that low-income women can be treated as surrogates for wealthier couples. … Court-appointed child guardians are often more concerned with playing god than with the child’s interest. So children are increasingly taken into care. Mothers are denied benefits and legal aid, but care homes get over £2,200 a week per child.

Now Cameron is raising the adoptions budget and wants child proceedings to be fast-tracked. Cry the little children and their mothers”.

Please take the time to read the whole letter, and share widely to raise awareness of the legal struggles increasingly facing mothers:


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