The Politics of Mothering – A Political Pamphlet in Election Year 2015

That’s it. It’s official. Mothers at home are the persona non grata of the political agenda.

After deciding that I was sick of shouting at the telly, I sat down and read, researched, thought and then wrote a political pamphlet to draw attention to something which was happening politically, economically and socially to mothers who care for their families full-time and mothers who yearn to do so.

Please do share it widely if it speaks to you and send it to your MP and local candidates.

I have published it on Amazon – downloadable to any device.

Alternatively, you can download a PDF for free from

Here is the blurb:

What is happening in the 21st Century to mothers, politically, socially and economically, is a real issue.

We are witnessing a silencing of, and disregard bordering on contempt for, mothers who wish to provide loving maternal care to their children at home. There is a discriminatory social agenda to impose significant financial penalties against a parent who provides care, when compared with the granting of incentives to parents who place their children into paid-for childcare whilst they engage in paid employment.

In this, 2015 General Election year, mothers who mother full time, or who yearn to do so, are faced with a consensus politics which denies them a platform, rights, respect and support.

This has to change. Vanessa Olorenshaw, a mother of two, has written a call to action, a Pamphlet for a highly charged political year.

If it is true that there have been waves of feminism, then mothers’ rights are the flotsam on the ocean surface left behind by the Second Wave – this Pamphlet seeks to form a lifeboat to bring them back to shore: Mothers, fathers, wider relatives, politicians, and commentators who might see value in a mother, or a parent at the very least, having the freedom to care for their children at home, get on board.

Everyone else, listen up: Mummy’s got something to say.

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